Monday, 26 May 2014

Fun Gift To Make With Your Kids

Ok, it's Father's Day soon so I thought I'd try to make a homemade gift with Hannah. It's not Father's Day specific though, I think it would be a good gift for anyone.

To make this, you will need:
Coloured card
A pen
Craft glue
Foam Letters
Glitter and glittered card (optional, but who doesn't love glitter?!)

Start off by drawing round your child's hand (or they can do it if they're old enough). 

Cut around the outline (it's not really rocket science is it?)

It's important to get both hands the same, so use the cut out as a template for the other hand:

Make sure there are straight lines at the bottom as the hands will need to stand up.

Cut a strip of card. I measured Hannnah's cut out and went for 1.5 inches deep. The card then needs to be folded into a zig zag shape with 11 even sections. For this card it worked out at 1 inch per section:

Break out your foam letters and find the letters to spell I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH. Ours were sticky backed so we peeled off the back and stuck I LOVE YOU on to the hand:

It was a bit of a squeeze on Hannah's tiny hand!

Then stick THIS MUCH on to the strip. I left the first and last section free to stick on to the hands:

We put some glue along it and sprinkled some glitter, then glued the zig zag strip to the hands and left it to dry. Viola! 

It also stood up really well:

Why not watch our video and see us making it:

I hope you get the chance to try it, let me know if you do!

Laura x


  1. That is the cutest thing! I think that is a great idea, and so simple, and you probably could make one using up bits and pieces you have in the house! Lovely! #sharewithme

  2. Aww that is one cute project :) I'll be relly happy if my daughter will make one like this and give to me :)

  3. That's so cute! And goodness, you're pretty! x


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