Sunday, 11 May 2014

Ipads & children- a match made in heaven or hell?

Recently the guilt has been setting in about Hannah's use of the iPad. She picks it up, swipes and types in the passcode with ease. I'm 50% impressed and 50% concerned. Is she TOO familiar with it?

Don't get me wrong, in no way is it used as a stand in babysitter, but she does get to play on it most days. If I'm rushing in the morning, or cooking tea I know I'll get a little time when she will actually sit still.

The majority of  games are educational and the other day I watched her trace the numbers 1-10 in a Peppa Pig game. I was amazed! The other thing is, she's doesn't watch TV. She's not interested in it because it's not interactive.

Like most things with children, leaving them alone is part of the problem. I love to play games with Hannah and asking her to explain what's happening.

I read an article in a parenting magazine a while ago by a child development expert who said that iPads are better than TV because of the interactive element. So I decided to dig and here is what I found:

There is some evidence to suggest that children who are given tablets and smart phones have delayed speech development. Educationalists are also reporting that children are lacking basic skills such as building with blocks and holding a pencil but  are competent tablet users.

This does scare me a little. I do think that we provide enough stimulation for Hannah. Her speech and fine motor skills are great. However, time flies by and before you know it an hour has passed. For me, I will still let Hannah use the iPad but I think I will start using the egg timer to make sure it is for a limited time only.



  1. I let my eldest go on iPads etc since he was small. Its something that has never concerned me really. iPads are everywhere so it's natural for our little ones to want to try it out. Adverts now show you brushing your teeth along with an iPad app that shows disney characters so our kids are going to want to have a go too. I do agree with time limits and I recently seen kobo has a timer in built that switches off once the child has had enough time on it. iPad might have something similar.

    1. Thanks for linking up via #GoldenOldies

  2. I think that like most things in life - moderation is the key. We live in a world full of technology and in some ways I think it would be unfair to never allow a child to use technology. #GoldenOldies


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