Monday, 12 May 2014

Kid's magazines, good value or a waste of plastic trumpets?

The range of children's magazines out there is mind boggling. They sit there on the shelves at toddler eye level,with their bright colours and cheap toys.

Mmmuuuummmmyyyyy can I have a magazine? Plleeessssaaaasse? I cave in way more than I should. I tell myself it's bargain, I mean £3.99 for toys, stories and a million stickers is great right?

Here is tonight's example of my caving:

Look at all that stuff!

About 15 minutes later,Hannah wasn't interested. The stuff was everywhere and she was back to one of her trusty old books. I offered to read her one of the magazine stories at bed. Nope, she wanted a book.

It hit me, this stuff is a waste of money! There is not one magazine or free toy that has survived a day. However, Hannah has tatty books that she wants to read again and again. It is as if she sees the magazines as disposable, like she knows there will be new stickers and plastic trumpets next week.

It makes my eyes water thinking about the amount of money I have spent on this stuff. I have probably funded a factory somewhere single handidly. 

I am quite firm with Hannah was she's having a melt down demanding her own way. With magazines,however,I'm a push over. I am deciding right now that I am over buying magazines. It's a false economy. Just wish me luck in telling Hannah! 


  1. Oh we have lots of this mainly cuz of my son's Grandma buying them for him. It is a waste of money and would caused so much mess in the house. I am just really maximizing it by answering every page and then throw them. I cant really save them and make him read it laterz cuz its just really crating so much mess. I wish my MIL would buy him something instead like deposit the money to his account or something. 2 of this in a month is a lot when you save it w/in a year. But I cant really stop her. #mmwbh

  2. I hate these magazines and comics with a passion. I used to kid myself it helped my eldest a she learned to read but they are junk. I won't pretend they are never bought for Helen, but if i find a stray toy from the front cover it goes straight in the bin and I regularly sneak the comics themselves into the recycling. Junk, total and utter junk. #mmwbh

  3. I have to say I hate them and the kids will mainly pick them up with the best toy or freebie in them. Fact. My kids are legendary for picking them, which lately I've nipped in the bud! lol Great post, thanks so much for linking up! #MMWBH xx


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