Saturday, 31 May 2014

Postman Pat Movie Review

Just to set the context - Hannah loves the cinema. She started taking an interest in movie trailers not long after she turned two, so I took her to the cinema expecting to leave after half an hour. We were still there watching the credits at the end. Her concentration was amazing, I think it was mainly because there were no other distractions for her in the big, dark room.

She takes notice of new movie trailers and she'll ask to see particular films. I take her to see most of the movies she asks for and it's always great fun. Chris doesn't come with us - he fell asleep on the cinema floor during the Moshi Monster Movie and that was the end of that! He thinks I'm mad taking her when she's so young (she'll be three next month). I just wanted to highlight this because she's usually good at the cinema and lasting the duration is not really a reflection of the quality of the film!

I cannot bring myself to write a post without a photo. I sneaked my phone out before the start of the film and this was the best I could do:

Hannah got a kids snack of salted popcorn and a little bag of sweets that were made from 100% fruit. I think a fun snack is part of the movie experience but I try to be a little bit sensible with it. the movie. I think there was some media coverage about the questionable animation and I have to say it is the first thing that hit me when it started. My main problem was it was just so different to what I was used to. I love the old school feel of the TV show, including the wooly looking hair. Some characters were unrecognisable, Julian (the son) was totally different. The quality of the animation was also quite basic, sort of like a cheap kid's TV show you'd see on Channel 5. It didn't seem to bother Hannah one bit, but I would have preferred the original style of animation. Maybe that's me just showing my age!

The next big issue I had was Ronan Keating being the singing voice. It was just so ridiculous! It was blatantly obvious that Pat was two different people. Again, I really don't think it bothered Hannah and I had to remind myself it was for her, not me. 

An area that could have been improved for Hannah was to include more music. It was a story about a singing competition, yet in the one hour 20 mins it was on there were only four songs. When the songs were on Hannah was dancing and having a great time. Outwith that the storyline was a bit drawn out and, quite frankly, boring at times.

Some of the older children in the audience laughed quite a bit at shenanigans that usually involved Jess being thrown about. Hannah laughed too, however the delayed reactions on several occasions led me to believe it was because other kids were laughing! 

I hate stereotyping boys and girls and go out of my way to encourage Hannah to play with toys that would be traditionally targeted at boys. However, Hannah is just naturally a girly girl and gets super excited about fairies and princesses. The movie revolved around robots and I think it didn't really do it for her. I'm not saying this is a boy's movie, it's a movie for children who like robots!

We managed to stay to the end, with a toilet break in the middle. I have to admit there was quite a bit of seat swapping and fidgeting during lengthy serious acting scenes (if you can call it that). Hannah is a Postman Pat fan, but the novelty did wear off after a while. It might just be her age (almost three) and older children are probably more likely to engage with the storyline without the need for singing and dancing every five minutes.


Not a must see, but a good option for a rainy afternoon.

A few wee additional points:

Ok, this one drives me nuts. The film started THIRTY MINUTES after the advertised start time. That's like two days in toddler time! We were running late (as ever with Little Miss Go Slow) and I was  stressing out my box, running in all sweaty and I still had a lifetime of adverts to sit through. Keep that in mind if you're rushing about in a panic.

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  1. It's great that your daughter enjoys the cinema, my two have never been that bothered. I remember going to the Saturday picture show a few times at the Odeon in Exeter and it costing me 10p - oooOOOOoooo I feel soooo old now.

    I can't believe the price now of cinema tickets mind and that would put me off big time.

    It's a shame that the Postman Pat movie wasn't as good as you would have liked, but it seems that little Hannah wasn't overly worried, so at the end of the day it was money well spent!

  2. believe it or not I have never watched Postman Pat, have a lot to catch up on)

  3. Sounds like a fun day out, but sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it as much as you could have. I run a #KidsCorner linky you might like to link your review up to, if you fancied? :)

  4. I think I accidentally send a wrong comment =( Sorry.

    I brought my son to watch Rio2. Rio1 is his fave so this is a good film for him to watch. First cinema movie. Twas nice and the songs are awesome but 15minutes after start my son is roaming around. But its a good film its just that my boy is I think not yet ready to go in cinemas. While there we saw the Postman Pat ad and we thought its crappy so a no go for us. We are right then. Its a waste that the cast are awesome. Thanks for the review =) #mmwbh


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