Sunday, 11 May 2014

Poundland Beauty Review

Oh yes! I have been rummaging around Poundland looking for some beauty bargains and I have found something I've wanted to try for a while. Sleep rollers with a difference. Now, I want to begin with my issues with the Velcro sleep rollers:

1. They scratch like hell. I do nothing but itch and try to stop them touching bare skin. It makes it super difficult to sleep.
2. They don't stay in. Ok, my hair is long and ridiculously thick but I have to use pins to keep the rollers in. Pins=hair dents.
3. They don't actually curl my hair. So, I watched a few tutorials on youtube that said try it with your hair damp. That just made my hair frizzy, not curly. What I usually do is tong my hair and then put rollers in until my hair cools. It's a lot of time and effort!

I have seen these and decided to splash out £1 to give them a try - hey big spender!!

I have spent so much money on hair stuff in the past that was rubbish, so I only went for one pack of
four to make sure that I liked them first.

I usually have my hair in loose curls but because the rollers were quite small I thought it would give tighter curls that I want to try.

They were really easy to put in, I just wrapped my hair around the end and rolled it up, making sure there was good tension.

They were super soft and they stayed secure...a million miles better than the Velcro ones. My hair fitted neatly inside, they remind me of little hamburgers!

And the results....

I was impressed with how curly and bouncy my hair was when I took the rollers out. The curls seemed a bit uneven and I'm not sure how my whole head of hair would turn out. However I am intrigued enough to go back to Poundland and invest in a head's worth to try it out!

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  1. These look seriously good! I think I should buy some for summer curls

    D, x



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