Friday, 6 June 2014

Our Wonderful Weekend

Last weekend was really memorable for us and I wanted to share it with you, as I love reading about what you all get up to with your families!

On Friday night we went to watch Hannah in her very first dance show. She is one of the youngest in the Dance School (she will be three in a few weeks and she joined about six months ago).

When she first started I found it really difficult because parents didn't stay in the class. I decided to watch from the spectators area outside (I was the only one) and Hannah fell flat on her face and burst her lip open-I was so glad I stayed!! After a while I decided to leave her, but I really did struggle. My Dad and Husband watch Hannah when I'm at work so I am not used to leaving her with strangers.

So the months passed and I had no idea what she was doing in class - she wouldn't tell me anything about the music or routines. The dance teacher also wanted it to be a surprise so we didn't have any information.

On the night of the show we were really nervous. It started at 7pm, which is Hannah's bed time and she is very grumpy and teary when she is tired! We were also pretty sure that there wouldn't be much proper dancing but as long as she was happy, we were happy.

A condition of participating in the show was to pay for costume hire. I had no idea what to expect, but overall I thought they were cute:

I was shaking sitting in the audience waiting for her to come on. The curtains opened and she was at the very front of the group on the far right:

The music starting playing and so began the absolute best moment of my life. Hannah was unbelievable! She knew every move and she was really concentrating and using her whole body to dance. We were all in tears.

After the performance I ran backstage to get her changed into her next costume and the first thing she asked was 'are you proud of me Mummy?". I was bursting with pride!

I was a bit concerned that she was hopping too near the front of the stage, actually at the end of one of the songs the curtains closed and she was in front of them!! 

The rest of the show was fantastic. The whole experience just blew me away and even now I'm getting a bit emotional thinking about it. 

The next day we went to see the Postman Pat movie (see my blog for a review) and after we went to soft play, where Hannah ran about wild for an hour.

We then went to stay in my parent's static caravan. They have just bought a brand new, two bedroom caravan in a site with a fantastic big park, sea views and it's less than five minutes to walk to a beautiful beach. Being able to use that for free whenever we want is amazing, we are so lucky!

The weather was unbelievable and we went to the park and the beach. I'll let the pictures tell the rest:

At night it was lovely to relax and watch the sunset:

The next day we got up early and went back to the park:

It was then time to tidy up, luckily Hannah likes to 'help':

It was just such a fantastic weekend, one that will stick in my mind forever. What's your most memorable weekend?

Laura x

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  1. Awww how adorable does your daughter look in her dance outfit! I am glad you all had such a fantastic weekend

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x


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