Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Too Much Of A Daddy's Girl?

Do you ever wonder if Dads have an extra 'silly' gene that Mums don't have?

I have lots of fun with Hannah. I'm silly and playful and I do make her laugh, just not to the extent that my husband,Chris,does. I don't think it helps that as Hannah grows bigger,and heavier,  I can't throw her about nearly as much as Chris does!

I love watching them play together, it melts my heart. I often take a step back and really appreciate how lucky I am to have them. Chris is an amazing Dad and they have a great relationship.

Recently, I've been feeling a bit rejected. I got the inspiration for this post while I was walking home myself from the park, in tears. Hannah was determined that I wasn't pushing her on the swing, she only wanted Daddy.

If this had been an isolated or rare incident it wouldn't have bothered me. I would have laughed it off. Sadly, it's been happening every day recently. She won't play with me on the trampoline, with her toys or her musical instruments. If Chris is at work and I'm with her myself she'd rather play alone than play with me.

I have to say its beginning to hurt. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'll continue to try my best and hope it's just a passing phase.

Do you have experience of this and  do you have any advice? 


  1. I've had this with my two - I think a big part of it is the 'novelty' (not sure that's the right word) of having Daddy to play with. I'm at home with my two during the day while my Husband is at work so the majority of the time they are with me, when my Husband comes home they are all over him, and at the weekend, because they don't get to play with him as often. The only advice I could give is to try not take it to heart and when she says she doesn't want to play don't make a big deal of it. You could also try putting together something different you could do together a few times a week - like a sensory activity box or ask if she'd like to read some books with you, even something like going for a walk to the shop for a magazine together? Hope it helps xx

  2. Yep! I've had it with my two girls...Still do with my youngest....There are times she won't even speak to me....Only daddy will do! It is a phase....Well it was with my eldest....She's 11 and is so much more of a mams girl now ;) x

  3. She will always need her mum .
    Why not try an different activity with her .

  4. Nice sharing! Glad to read your post!



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